2010                    Completed MAKE UP FOREVER Academy certification                                               in Seoul, Korea

2010 - 2014         Founded THE PURE make up in New York City                                          (Wedding / Party / Photoshoot / Commercials, etc) 

2013                     Mastered the latest Bridal Trend Makeup                                                     at W Purify & LeeKungMin Foret in Seoul, Korea

2013                     Makeup & Hair Director at The View Studio                                               in Seoul, Korea

2014                     Mastered the latest Bridal Trend Mkeup & Hair                                           at La Bella in Seoul, Korea

2014                    Established THE PURE make up in SF & Bay Area

2017 Mastered the latest Trend Makeup at Style Floor / Wythe138 in Seoul, Korea

2018 Mastered the latest Bridal & Mother’s Hair Styling at Encloe Chungdam in Seoul, Korea